The Rhyming Indian.

Jan 14

Something I wrote to Album Leaf’s “Window”

So I wrote to Album Leaf’s song, it goes well if you read it along with the song. I’ll let you read it out by yourself cause I dont wanna decide how it’s meant to be read. This is all free form btw, I barely edited it just off the top of me dome.

It’s 3 AM and I’m way too tired to think properly

I’m trying to be expressive but its hard amidst the monotony

You’ve gotten me. Yes, I mean the truth. You grip me hard.

I feel like my final destination is not up, but amongst dying stars.

And when I die please throw me off this planet, off the edge

Of my bed I fall off cause I can’t stand it.

Visions through a wood-framed window, from the the sill I see the sin

Dreams cannot be killed but you can never win.

It’s sickening when I see the faces of the weak

I have hope in a tiny little box I keep in my pocket.

But whenever I open it, I won’t speak.

In a timeframe of 3 minutes and 59 seconds I can refute heaven and tell you why the earth will eventually be consumed by a massive blackhole caused by the death of the sun.

So keep your opinions

self-righteous beliefs

pointless ethnicity

stupid tradition

and accept that in a blackhole, we’re all the same.

Dec 29


Don’t take advice. Just do it. Whatever you’re doing.

Do it. I don’t know what it is. There’s not way to do it other than the way you do it.

All these people tell me shit about how in the real world, things are different and that I’m not going to be able to achieve everything I’ve wanted to without some sort of compromise. I’ve been making music for 5 years now. 2 albums out on the internet. 350 songs in general. And counting. I’m gonna be a famous rapper one day.

What are you gonna be?

Dec 29

My “Rated” life.

This Is My Life,

RatedLife: 8.4

Mind: 7.7

Body: 9.2

Spirit: 7.7

Friends/Family: 6.5

Love: 7.7

Finance: 6.1

This is so retarded. Like really, this test is judging the value/quality of my life based on shit like my spirituality. On that friends and family part, that should be a 10, and so should the love part. Even the mind part and the body part. The finance is handled by my parents till I finish college and I’m not spiritual. I’m all logic and reason and shit like that. Hence, this test isn’t worth anything. 

I love my life, stupid ass test. 

Dec 29

So I love this band called Sigur Ross, my friend introduced me to them. I was bored, I don’t have my keyboard here so I couldn’t make any beats. I decided to make some Post-Rock! I call this one Snowflake, cause it’s winter and it’s all trippy and stuff like that. It’s just a short little ditty, not too long. 

Dec 14

quote Everything doesn’t happen for a reason, don’t try to justify or rationalize things. The true beauty behind life is randomness.

Dec 05

I’m happy as ever.

I can’t describe it well. Time for a list.

  1. The sun is out even more often than I’d expect, and it makes me smile.
  2. I get to go home in two weeks and see my family.
  3. Playing basketball and ping pong frequently with my friends is fun.
  4. I’m making great music, my album is done.
  5. Wiz Khalifa’s “The Thrill” makes my day every-single-day.
  6. Skateboarding everywhere is fun as hell.
  7. My guitar’s out of tune and it still sounds good.
  8. Just discovered how great milk is with pop-tarts.
  9. I’m getting enough sleep.
  10. I’m around the greatest people ever.


Nov 30

quote I have a feeling that if George Washington really grew Marijuana, the Declaration of Independence would be a lot different, like;
We hold these truths to be self-evident
Madison’s wife’s brownies
Those little microwavable TV dinners…

— My Norwegian friend, Jordan Oram.
Nov 28

Obstacle Course

Made this beat from a John Coltrane sample “In A Sentimental Mood” and then Pete and I rapped over it. It’s pretty dope. My favorite part is the chorus, when it’s just “you’re my fucking god in this obstacle course”, which is such an amazing line (courtesy of Pete). Well, I can only post up my verse (second verse) cause that’s all that I possess currently. But the lyrics are definitely worth reading.


oh god / open the doors
make way for the kings / whose standing on the porch
the mic we will torch / spit spit pass
but we leaving it scorched / so don’t touch that
oh keys breathe when I sample Coltrane
release these dopamine cells in your brain
I’m snacking on this drum-loop / bass riff
like a spliff / take a hit / and we spit
Okay ashen it out / like roth in the building
cashing it out / soon enough / like a cop you can cuff
cause I huff behind bars / make it in like varsity
I feeling little pitty for ditty-ass a milli cats / braggin on they profits
shitty hoes sitting on their laps
I want a chick to
be like a sista
but not incest
it’s something insist - uh
and we could have mind sex
lyrically caress you like dead prez
and I ain’t dead yet / ain’t done yet
on the mic / going hours past the sunset
we could either
a ) cruise in a lex with a sunroof or
b) blow it up in the sound booth or
c) hit my homies up like sup or
d) all of the above

Nov 28

And We Pretty Much Amazing

So let ‘em in, can’t you hear me knocking on the door? Hard to breathe at this altitude, where oxygen is poor Think Benz, I don’t know what Pontiac means And this is what happens when an insomniac dreams - Chiddy Bang

Nov 14

The little things in life that I appreciate regardless of how pissed off I am.

1. The long-lasting battery on my laptop

2. My green cup

3. Certain aspects of Facebook

4. Skateboards

5. Orange Juice

6. A working pen

7. Keys to my room

8. My debit card

9. Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & Orange Juice mixtape

10. headphones

So yeah I’m bored